General Informations

Who is the Working Terrier World Union?

In 2022, the Working Terrier World Union (WTWU) was founded with the aim of broadening the scope of terrier dog sport under FCI regulations and presenting it to a wider audience.

In 2023, the 1st World Championship for Terriers only was held in Austria, from which Switzerland returned home with two World Champions and one Vice World Champion.

Now, on behalf of Switzerland, we have the honour of hosting the 2nd WTWU World Championship on 9-12 May 2024 in Oeschgen/Eiken on the grounds of the Fricktal Cynological Club. Competitions will be held in the World Championship categories International Utility Dog Test (FCI-IGP), International Tracking Dog Test (FCI-IFH) and Obedience (FCI-OB). In addition, we offer a test without a World Championship title in the International Companion Dog (FCI-IBGH) category.