For a successful organisation we need not only talented and motivated dog teams, countless helping hands and a suitable infrastructure, but also the necessary financial resources. Our aim is to organise an unforgettable, fair and sporting event for all participants and visitors.

Your financial or material support will enable us to provide printed material, a website, prizes for world champions and participants, venue hire, compensation for judges and landowners and everything else that is needed. Are you interested?

You will be supporting a meaningful activity for dogs and people. Healthy dog-human teams that are kept busy according to their abilities also ensure a pleasant coexistence in everyday life and prevent serious incidents that are sensationalised in the media.

With your contribution you support a world championship and can present and promote your company to a broad Swiss and international audience. You will be featured on our website and, in some cases, in trade journals and daily newspapers with photos and reports.

Of course, we would also like to welcome you personally to our event. It's not every year that you are invited to a world championship.

Have we got your attention? Then don't hesitate! There are many reasons to become a sponsor and support the WTWU World Championships 2024.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to having you as our partner.

Bank details:

Zürcher Landbank, IBAN: CH65 0687 7705 1450 4455 2

OK WTWU-WM2024, CH-5072 Oeschgen